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Ford Roofing is here for any roof repair services you need, no matter how bad the damage is! Our skilled and professional roofers will inspect your roof to learn the extent of the damage and give you a plan for what it will take to fix it. Call us today for a free roof repair estimate.

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How often do you have maintenance done on your car - every few months? How often do you have repairs or maintenance done on your roof? We're guessing it's not very often that you have roof maintenance done. It is easy to forget about maintaining your roof, but if it is showing any signs of damage, action needs to be taken as soon as possible before the situation gets worse. Below are some signs that you need a roof repair:

Water damage - If you see stains on your walls or ceilings, chances are the leak has been around for some time.
Spike in utility bills - If your energy bills are going up with no obvious explanation, it might be that air is escaping. We know you don't want to air condition the whole neighborhood - give us a call and we will figure out what's wrong.
Missing or curling shingles - If you have numerous bare spots on your roof, it gives water an access point to your home. You don't want that!

If you notice any of these problems or suspect another roof issue, please call us right away. The longer you wait to call, the more time the damage has to spread. We offer free estimates on all of our repairs.

Roof Repair Company in New Iberia, New Orleans, Lafayette, LA, and all of Southern Louisiana

Along with our other roofing services, we also handle roof repair. It would be great if once your roof was expertly installed, you never needed a repair for the life of the roof, but odds are you will. We are here for small roof repairs to major roof issues. We treat every repair job with the same level of expert care. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we will never cut corners on a job, or try and sell you something you don't need and risk losing your trust and repeat business.

You can count on our 39 years of roofing experience to tackle any roof repair at your home - and get the job done right the first time. Our team will also help you with insurance claims if needed. We didn’t earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by treating our customers poorly. We value each and every customer and the friends and family they refer to us. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service because we know that without happy customers, we wouldn’t be here!

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